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Rules & Regulations


  • Green fees are sold with the understanding that you will comply with the Pace of Play.

  • 18 holes should not exceed 4 hours and 20 minutes. Our marshals are there to help golfers achieve this goal. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  • Please allow faster groups to play through when possible.

  • Marshals have the authority to move or remove players not conforming to Pace of Play.


  • Individuals may be removed from the golf course or practice areas for behaviors deemed inappropriate by the Pro Staff.

  • Such behavior may include, but not limited to drunkenness, damage of property or equipment, vulgar language, or risk to other individuals.

  • When a " 90- degree rule" or " cart path only" is in effect, violating those conditions are considered damage of property.

  • Driving over tee boxes and greens will result in immediate removal from the course.


  • Shirts, pants or shorts, and shoes must always be worn.

  • No bathing or swim suits are allowed on the course.


  • Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on the golf course except on the putting green or driving range with supervision.

  • Each golfer must have his or her own golf clubs and bag on the golf course.

  • Pets are not allowed on the golf course unless deemed a service animal under Title II or Title III of the ADA.

If a service animal hurts an individual the owner is responsible for the action of the animal.

  • Paid rental carts can only be operated by individuals with a valid driver' s license.

  • There can only be 2 adults per rental cart.

  • Carts must be kept on cart paths around tees and greens and as otherwise directed by signage.

  • All golf carts or otherwise motorized transportation for golfers which are individually owned must pay a trail fee.


  • Golfers removed from the course for violation of any of these rules will not be entitled to a refund of green fees, club rental or cart rental.

  • Passes may be rescinded for repeated offenses without refunds.

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